Nordic Camp 2018 - Tórshavn 

Saturday, August 25, 2018 12:15:53 PM

Nordic Camp on the Faroe Islands for the first time ...

The Nordic Camp is a regional U15 camp, supported by Badminton Europe, for the Nordic countries – that is Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Faroe Islands.

This camp is hosted every year by one of the Nordic countries, and for the first time it was hosted on the Faroe Islands – in the capital of Tórshavn. The camp started 4th August and ended 9th August – and was led by the head coach, Sune Gavnholt, one of the national coaches of the Faroe Islands.

Since only Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands took part in this Nordic Camp – it was decided to include more and older players from the three countries. The result was, that 26 players, born '01-'05 and 4 coaches from Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands, participated in the camp.

On the first day of the camp, a „Mixing-it-totally-up-tournament“ was played for the participating players and coached – making it easy for the players and coached to get to know each other.

On the second day there was arranged a trip to Gjógv and Saksun. In Gjógv the group visited a 200-meter long sea-filled gorge, enjoyed the unspoiled village and went for a walk at the edge of the cliffs to the top of mountain. In Saksun, the group saw the beautiful lagoon in the village.

On the last four days, training was on the programme. Each day with a training session, that lasted 2 hours in the morning and 2 x 2 hours in the afternoon. The coaches from Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands each had the responsibly for one session. Three days, also a separate 1 hour coach session was held in the morning. After dinner there were social activities like swimming, quiz etc.

"The Nordic Camp seeks to fulfil the goal of exchanging knowledge between the Nordic countries, and at the same time develop young talented players and, of course, also establish a network between the players, coaches and associations in the participating countries. This Nordic Camp was a success for the participating countries – where the head coach, Sune Gavnholt, lead the players and coaches in a structured, professional and friendly manner”, said Erik Engelbrecht Thomsen, the president of the Faroese Badminton Association.

The head coach, Sune Gavnholt, one of Faroe Islands national coaches, said after the camp; “On behalf of the Faroe Islands coaching staff I would like to state my excitement regarding how well the players from Iceland, Norway and Faroe Islands performed and acted like young professional badminton athletes before, during and after their training sessions. With 12 trainings in 4 days with a lot of focus on technique and tactics they managed to gain new knowledge and were great sparring partners for each other with sweat and smiles on their faces”